Summer Camps


 All camps are 3 days:

Monday Wednesday  9:00am-12:00pm.

Camps will  include training on: 


Setting and Using Screens

All players need to bring a properly inflated basketball, water, and a towel.

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 This is a fundamental skill development program.  The focus is to teach athletes the individual skills and concepts of basketball  through skill specific drills, and game applicable situations, and when to use the skills in a game.  The scrimmages are game situations conducted in small groups (1on1, 2on2, or 3on3) to translate individual skills into confident game play.

  • Shooting 
  • Footwork into the shot
  • Different finishes at the rim
  • Offensive scoring moves 
  • Defensive stance


Private Training


Partner with a personal coach

Boost your skills, confidence and overall productivity on the court.  This is an ideal way to get a customized training plan to address and meet the specific needs of the player for their short term and long term development.  The players will receive an organized and structured plan that will be full of repetitions to ensure an understanding of the skills taught. Sessions are customized towards the individual needs of the player based upon the evaluation and recommendation of Head Trainer Sherrise Smith. 

To ensure development and proficiency an upfront commitment of 4 sessions is suggested.  

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